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Outpatient Ultrasound Form

To refer your patient to Newtown Veterinary Specialists for an ultrasound appointment, please submit the following form below.

Outpatient Ultrasound Form

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Important Information About Ultrasound Appointments

Food should be withheld for 12-15 hours prior to the procedure for optimal image quality.  If this is not possible for medical reasons, such as diabetes or hypoglycemia, please contact us. Withholding water is not necessary.

For ultrasounds, the area of interest will be shaved to optimize image quality.

Owners will not be provided the results of the ultrasound except under rare, critical circumstances. The owners will be asked to contact your office for imaging results, and a treatment plan.

In a critical situation, if your hospital can not immediately take over care of the patient, or the patient is too critical to transport back to your hospital, our Emergency department or Internal Medicine department will take over care.

If you wish to have a doctor at our hospital review the ultrasound results and provide further recommendations to your client, an Internal Medicine consultation must be scheduled in association with the ultrasound. Adding on an Internal Medicine consultation after you have been informed about the ultrasound results is typically very difficult due to our caseload, and the scheduling of non-consult ultrasounds. Alternatively, patients can come through the Emergency department and the emergency clinician can review the ultrasound results and further advise the owner about their pet’s care.

Biopsies, needle aspirates and other interventional procedures are not scheduled as outpatient procedures and cannot be performed as an add-on to an outpatient exam. Routine, non-emergent procedures can be scheduled through the Internal Medicine department as consultations.  Please contact us for more information.

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