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Behavior Training

Our Newtown pet behaviorist can help improve the well-being of your dog or cat and strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion by providing behavioral services which focus on behavior prevention and treatment. Call our behaviorist Dr. Ellen Lindell to book an appointment.

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Behavior Training for Cats and Dogs

Just like people, our pets have their own personalities! While every one of them is special, sometimes their behaviors may become problematic - or even dangerous to their health.

Our pet behaviorist, Ellen Lindell, VMD, DACVB is an experienced board-certified veterinary specialist, she is trained to treat conditions in dogs and cats that stem from behavioral issues or an underlying medical cause.  She can provide advice based on your pet's specific breed and requirements. 

Behavior consultations can be both the prevention and treatment of behavioral problems in pets of all ages. We will create a customized treatment plan that outlines the steps needed to remedy your pet's behavior. Most treatment plans involve both environmental and behavioral modification. Some pets can benefit from medications as well.

Behavior Training for Dogs, Newtown Vet

Comprehensive Behavior Consultations

At Newtown Veterinary Specialists we offer comprehensive consultations to evaluate your pet and explain the reasons for any undesirable behaviors. If needed, we will review any underlying medical conditions that could affect your pet's behavior to make a diagnosis. 

A comprehensive behavior consultation lasts approx. 2 hours and will provide you with a diagnosis, prognosis and an initial treatment plan. During your appointment, Dr. Lindell will spend some time discussing your pre-submitted behavioral history form, medical records, and video recordings.

If your treatment plan includes behavior modification exercises, we will demonstrate techniques and you will have an opportunity to practice during the appointment.

After your appointment, our team is available to answer questions about specific treatment steps. There is no additional fee for this service.

What are the benefits of behavior training?

There are a handful of potential benefits to having your dog or cat in behavior training. 

Below are a few benefits you should consider:

  • Correct bad habits or specific behavior problems

    We treat a wide range of simple and complex behavioral concerns including:

    - Aggressive behavior toward people and other animals
    - House soiling
    - Destructive behavior
    - Anxiety
    - Hyperactivity
    - Jumping up and mouthing
    - Excessive vocalization
    - Fear of people, other animals, or thunderstorms and loud noises
    - Urine marking
    -Compulsive behavior
    - Separation related distress
    - Cognitive Dysfunction in senior dogs and cats
    - Generalized anxiety
    -Nighttime restlessness

  • Develop a stronger bond with your pet

    While a fair portion of behavior training your pet focuses on addressing negative or unwanted behaviors, it will also help you establish a solid, trusting relationship and gain opportunities for continued learning.

  • Help your companion feel fulfilled and confident.

    Dogs and cats that are confident, stimulated, and fulfilled are usually well-behaved. Behavior training will help you and your pet feel more fulfilled - and they may even enjoy showing off their new skills.

Contact us to ask any questions you may have about behavior training for your pet. 

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